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Hello. my name is Zenon from Greece/Cyprus and this is a business proposal from A pioneer TOURIST/EDU/SPORT/FUN/ART campaign called think family vacation - FROM a years of research/study/work = sMart vacation for..sMart Families     =  WHAT i offer ?

1/ connect/advertising YOUR hotel to the think family vacation website

2/ create NEW website for your hotel 3/ social media -                                                  4/ affiliate advertising -                                         5/ art photos /for promote your hotel -     6/video art                                                           7/ the think sport court [ if there is sport court in the hotel] - a pioneer basketball program for ALL family, all ages and guidance for..player from 5y until ..35y.. - also.. organize sport s act -                                              8/ pioneer art/sport projects for ALL family - 9/ book online - with..many creating reasons to come and..come YOUR customers.                  10/ book a room - book a room in the tFv -[ small percent for the tFv- the rest for our hotel]