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think Business proposal for ANY Restaurant - Paphos edition

Updated: Mar 27

Hello, name Zenon, founder/ creator of the 1t creaTive Tourist website - with projects on sports tourism combine the history of each place - social media/NEW marketing ideas - this year i am in Paphos offering inspiration for many pioneer projects with goal to make Papho , Family- sport - creative Tourist city combine of course the..abandon from marketing as i see , the ancient places .as the apostle paul pillar and others... = for now THEY take the inspiration without say anything to me buy i hope..- the 1srt PUPLcIC ourts in the city park - basketball/tennis courts and the apostle paul pillar park was from my ideas - you can find everything in my pioneer tourist campaign/ proposal to papho city with name = Paphos city of Kings = = follow the social here to support or to.. understand what i can do... for YOUR business.. ====================================================================== Service for any restaurant in Papho = 1/ art social media for your business = photo/ video 2/ facebook/ instagram/ pinterest /youtube act- 3/ connect YOUR business to my website in TO DO page [ food ] = AND to shopping page about Papho = - all with only 30 e per month [ 50 e if you want to create/ organize your own social media ] and commission of 15% for every booking from my page [ table/ events act ] - also there is other service as photo/video of events / organize sports party - basketball lessons and more... ===================================================================== THE full service i can offer to ANY business / hotel/ restaurant act = ======================================================================

#proposal for ANY #restaurant in #Paphos ======================================================================

by the 1st creaTive family Tourist website = GET service/offer/ discounts and more at = TO DO page = #tickets #room #transport #food #visit #activity #shops #festivals and..MORE.. as PIONEER sport Tourist projects and.... Basketball lessons for any age ,group / art social media/NEW marketing for ANY BUSINESS/ place/park/ hotel/beach who WANT more tourism /customers by 30%. - SUBSCRIBE = ===================================================================== OF COURSE - SAME SERVICES for ANY other place [ just to take inspiration from the area..] ===================================================================== VISIT - support the tourist campaign/ proposal = paphos city of kings =

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