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Updated: Mar 16

WANT more customers/ tourism/ visitors for YOUR business/ park/ hotel / beach ? ASK for the service by the 1st creaTive tourist website = pioneer projects/ideas on sports tourism with..ART social media [ photo- video] and.... MORE....= ====================================================================== 1/ connect/advertising YOUR business/ hotel act , to the think family vacation website - TO 2 pages - TO do and THE ESHOP page of each places i have study/research as =

2/ create NEW website for your hotel 3/ social media [ instagram/ facebbok- youtube act as my channel - 4/ affiliate advertising [ like my page = - 5/ Art photos /for promote your BUSINESS/ park/ hotel / beach act = visit my photo page = 6/video art - my video page = 7/ the think sport court [ if there is sport court in the park/ hotel act ] - a pioneer basketball program for ALL family, all ages and guidance for..player from 5y until ..35y.. - also.. organize sport events/. sports Kids party act - A edu/tourist/anti bulling / pro sport guidance for any age/group act 8/ pioneer art/sport projects for ALL family - 9/ book online - with..many creating reasons to come and..come YOUR customers. 10/ book a room - book a room in the tFv -[ small percent for the tFv- the rest for our hotel] ============================================================================== #services @art #socialMedia #marketing #tourism ======================================================================= FOR shops/ restaurants act = 1/ Commission of 15% for every book table from tFv - 2/ 40 e per month for full promote [ART social media ] in the eshops pages of tFv = and the special shop page of every place i have study/ research [ Burgas/ larnaca/ paphos/ Ammochostos /Aegina ] = as.. - also. there is possibility for further cooperation with pioneer marketing ideas about your shop and how can be more profitable.. .. ====================================================================== please = FOLLOW/ like/share =SUBSCRIBE the pioneer website to start feel what i can offer to ANY place/ business / hotel act = - THANKS ============================================================= SERVICES by YOUTUBE = INSTAGRAM = ======================================================================= by the 1st creaTive family Tourist website = GET service/ offer/ discounts and more at = TO DO page = #tickets #room #transport #food #visit #activity #shops #festivals and..MORE.. as PIONEER sport Tourist projects and.... Basketball lessons for any age ,group / art social media/NEW marketing for ANY BUSINESS/ place/park/ hotel/beach who WANT more tourism /customers by 30%. - SUBSCRIBE = ======================================================================

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