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A  pioneer  study   based on ..Carl Jung theory[ shadow], Zenon of Citium [simple life] ,  BASKETBALL , psychology studies and YEARS OF RESEARCH/work . =HOW can change our shadow and  ..FIND the.. CREATIVE /THINKING life through BASKETBALL with the help of  the..magi[k] .. shadow called..MAGIKDO [ character] ...= main project =  the  tourist campaign=  think family vacation  with the..think sport court /park   - [ TOURIST/EDU/ANTI BULLYING/PRO SPORT GUIDANCE ]and..many other pioneer ideas…    = INFORM= WILLING TO GIVE THIS TO any place/park/hotel act   with vision  .AND.RISE they ..customers by..40%

C. G. Jung - e234 small32.png

I am not A reach man BUT I am REACH in .. Pioneer projects /IDEAS .- IDEAS on SPORTS/ART/TOURISM/EDU/BULLYING/BUSINESS - THAT s why I decide to sell my house in Athens.. to..FOLLOW my vision/work of life - Hopping I ..find support/partners ….FOR A…BETTER FUTURE… = GREEN FUTURE..with..CRITICAL THINKING for…ALL..

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